The Wonders of Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine

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If you have ever wondered how a wind turbine produces energy, then have a look at this website from the Danish Ministry of the Environment and Energy in collaboration with the Danish Wind Industry Association.

The site is called Wind with Miller and you can find it at or click here.

Wind with Miller has some wonderful information about how wind turbines work, explains all the parts, has a turbine installation simulation and in the Practical Activities section you can follow the instructions to make a wind sock or build your own small wind turbine. Don’t forget to ask Mum or Dad first!

Have fun exploring and let me know how you go!

Are you interested in fossils?

“Nearly 65 million years ago the dinosaurs were gone and the world had recovered from the disastrous events and changes that had seen them off. The scene was set for the Age of the Megafauna.” Ozfossil website

If you have ever thought about being a paleontologist, then this is the site for you!

The ABC has a site called Oz Fossils which can be found at

and they say…

The story of how life evolved on Earth is hidden in its fossils. In Australia scientists are exposing secrets that lie hidden in our ancient rock. Explore with us at least some of the amazing Oz-Fossils.”

It has some wonderful information, movies and a great game called the Oz Fossils Pitfall Game

Have a look and let me know what you think!!! 🙂

Have you heard the one about a duck’s quack not having an echo?


Recently there has been some interesting discussion about whether or not a duck’s “quack” has an echo.  Some wonderful researchers in the UK decided to look into it.

The University of Salford thoroughly investigated this myth and put together a terrific article explaining their research, what they found and why.  The article has some interesting information about sound and acoustics and is well worth a look.

The address of the article is:

Or you can click here.  

The article is called “A Duck’s Quack Doesn’t Echo, and no-one knows the reason why?”

Have a look, have a listen and let me know what you think.  

If you have a science myth of your own you would like me to look into, drop me a line via the comments. I would love to hear from you!

Quack, quack! 🙂 Mrs Parrington.