Celebrating 40 years since the moon landing.

Thank you to edupics.com for the photo

Thank you to edupics.com for the photo

Last week we celebrated the 40th anniversary on man landing on the moon.

To commemorate this historic event, several organisations have created interactive activities for us to experience, learn from and mostly enjoy.

Behind the News or BTN is a terrific TV program for children created by the ABC. Last week they ran a wonderful story about the Moon Landing.

An archive of the story can be found at URL: http://www.abc.net.au/news/btn/story/s2627599.htm

Along with their story, in the Extra Info section you can find links to several other stories and interactives.

ABC Science also has their own web page you can find at http://www.abc.net.au/science/moon/

It has photos, video, quizzes and and you can listen to the ABC’s original coverage of the moon landing!

We Choose the Moon is a brilliant interactive recreation of the Apollo 11 mission.

It was created by the John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

You can find them at URL: http://wechoosethemoon.org/

or check out Google Moon at URL: http://www.google.com/moon/ for tours of the Lunar Landing sites, 3D models and 360 degree photo panoramas.

Awesome!!! 🙂

Phiggles the Flying Scientist

Thanks to Freefoto.com for the lovely photo

Phiggles the Flying Scientist is a science teacher named Phill Higgins from Churchill in Gippsland. Every year he flys his plane to some of the remotest areas in Australia and runs a hands-on science program for children in the Outback.

According to the Australia Post sponsored website:

Phill…covered more than 11,000km and visited seven stations and small schools, working with the School of the Air in Derby and Carnarvon.

To watch some video of Phill’s outback visits or learn some more, check out:

URL: http://www.auspost.com.au/EDP/0,1398,CH3546%257EMO19,00.html#ancScienceLessonfromPhill

There is an outback tour science quiz or you can ask Phill a science question of your own.

Toys from Trash

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Looking for something to do these school holidays?

Do you like science experiments and making things?
Check out Toys from Trash, it is an amazing treasure trove of ideas.

Some of the categories of experiments include: astronomy, maths, simple pump mechanisms, paper fun, tippling-toppling toys, motors and generators, electricity and magnetism, simple Newtonian physics, pressure, light, sound, flying, force, spinning, toys, magic, biology, air and water.

The site has literally hundreds of toys and simple experiments you can do using trash and other objects you can find around the house.

The URL for the site is: http://www.arvindguptatoys.com/toys.html

Check it out! 🙂