The Gould League is 100!

Thanks to for the lovely photo

Thanks to for the lovely photo

The Gould League is celebrating 100 years this year!

The Gould League has been delivering environmental  education for many years and has a fabulous website at:

In the “School Programs” section, you will find information about incursions and excursions as well as teacher PD!

But wait…there’s more!

Keep looking and you will find Interactive Sustainability Education Websites.

These are SOOO cool..

There are currently seven websites on this page and they are all really interesting.

My favourite is the Australian Wildlife Cams where you can take part in environmental research and observe some native Australian animals in their natural habitats including Sugar Gliders, Kookaburra, Gould’s Wattled Bat and the Red  Bull Ant.  Not only can you observe them, but you can enter what you have seen and add it to the research.

Check it out!!! 🙂

It’s National Water Week!

Happy National Water Week!

Do you have any ideas for saving a little bit more water this week?

How about these…

  • Put a bucket under the shower to collect water as your shower heats up
  • Put a washing up basin in your kitchen sink and use the collected water on the garden
  • Put small buckets under the drinking taps at school to collect any overflow and use the water on the garden
  • Restrict yourself to 3 minute showers (I have a yellow duck timer in my shower!)
  • Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth

If you have any terrific ideas I would love to hear them.  Send them in to me via the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

Is there water on the moon?

Thanks to Pics 4 Learning for the photo

Thanks to Pics 4 Learning for the photo

Well, that is what the LCROSS mission is trying to find out!

LCROSS stands for Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite

On October 9th 2009 NASA was hoping to find out by crashing a rocket into the moon. By doing this, they are aiming to create an impact crater that forces water and ice vapour above the lunar surface for analysis.

Exciting Stuff!

For more information, have a look at the NASA LCROSS site at:

NASA also set up a site for amateur observers at:

At the amatuer site you can watch a movie about the mission and even the Download the song “Water on the Moon” written by LCROSS Deputy Project Manager John Marmie! Performed by John Marmie and Jeff Petro.

Check it out!