What is compost?

Still life on composter

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What is compost and composting?

According to the Kingston City Council website: http://www.kingston.vic.gov.au/Page/Page.asp?Page_Id=1881&h=1

Composting is the natural breakdown of food and garden waste from the activity of soil micro organisms, insects and earthworms. It creates a very rich soil. Compost can then be used in the garden as a natural fertiliser or a soil conditioner.

Composting is fantastic because it makes good use of food and vegetable scraps, reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfill and that is a really good thing!

When the compost has broken down, it should look something like this…

Thanks to Flickr cc for the photo

Not everything can go into the compost and it is worth checking before you put things in.

The website listed above has a table of what can and shouldn’t go into the compost, or you could have a look at The City of Melbourne’s Home Composting page here or at the URL


Now that you have learnt a little about composting, have a go at the Game “Compost 4 Fun”.

Click on the link to find the game or the URL is: http://compost4fun.recyclenow.com/

Have fun and happy composting! 🙂

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