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Quiz answers
1. Box jellyfish have 24 eyes arranged in four clusters, giving them six eyes on each side.
2. A newborn kangaroo is about two centimetres long, the size of a jellybean.
3. c) The red food colouring colour (120) is made by crushing cochineal insects.
4. Most ladybird beetles are predators which eat soft-bodied scale insects.
5. Folate helps protect against Alzheimer’s disease. CSIRO scientists have developed a new system to screen for other protective compounds using yeast species

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Quiz questions
1. How many eyes does a box jellyfish have?
2. How big is a newborn kangaroo?
3. The red food colouring colour (120) is made from a) raspberries, b) plant seeds, c) insects.
4. What do most ladybird beetle species eat?
5. Which vitamin found in leafy green vegetables can protect against Alzheimer’s disease?

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