Calling all Penguin Counters…

Antarctic Penguins

Would you like to be involved in research that will make a difference?

Check out penguin watch

Scientists need our help to count penguins, chicks, eggs and other animals so they can study these gorgeous creatures and learn more about their lives, patterns, breeding habits and the health of their ecosystems.

Have a look at this ABC News story…

Because there is so much data to analyse the scientists really need our help and it’s SUPER EASY!

Have a look at the Australian Government: Department of the Environment – Antarctic Division article here:


If you like this, you might like some of the other citizen science activities on Zooniverse which is a website dedicated to citizen scientists, participating in real science and making a difference.

Projects range from researching solar flare activity, examining craters on the moon, looking underwater at seaweed forests, characterising bat calls and listening to the songs of the whales to learn about how they communicate.

Remember! Always check with Mum, Dad or another responsible adult before signing up or logging on to any website.

Have fun!!!