And now for some Sesame Street about transport and design with a special appearance by Super Grover 2.0 (he showed up!!)

Here is the whole gang, talking about Transport

And in a classic video Grover teaches us about Force

Another video about Force

Have a look at this STEM clip about boat building

Grover 2.0 on Design

Transport of the past…

For us to look to the future in an informed way, we must look to the past…

History Quote

Here is a really  quick look at the history of transport in Australia


Here is a snapshot of the development of transport in the USA


We could also look at a history of transport in Japan.

Take a look at this link…

How did your Mum and Dad or Grandparents or even Great-grandparents get around? Ask them, you might be surprised by what you can learn 🙂


What does the Earth look like?

Have a look at this amazing video that explores how we “see” Earth from a number of different perspectives.

This video contains science ideas that are a wee bit complex and probably suitable for years 5/6 and up.



The source of this video is the ABC Science discussion list: ABC Teaching Science Discussion List <> or for more information email

How do you measure the speed of the wind? You make a wind anemometer.


How do you measure the speed of the wind?

Well you can do it using something called an anemometer.

With thanks to SCOPE on TEN, in this experiment, Junior Scientist Braeden shows us how we can make one at home and of course explains how it works!

Click here to find out how to do it at home.