CLIC MakerSpace Science Club

In Term 3, 2016 we will be running a Science Club on Tuesdays at lunchtime in the MakerSpace.  The experiences will cover a range of areas such as Earth Science, Chemical Science, Biological Science and Space Science.

We can only take 10 participants, so be sure to show your interest by signing up at the CLIC desk during week 1 of Term 3.

Have a look below to see what is in store…

Week 2 – Amazing Detergent

Week 3 – Cardboard Robotic Hand

Week 4 – The Rock Cycle

Week 5 – Make a Constellation Book

constellation book

For information about what a constellation is, take a look at this link

 What is a constellation?

Week 6 – Bubbleprint Paper


What’s happening

Bubbles aren’t always spheres. When you blow lots of bubbles together, you’ll see they press against each other and share a wall. If the bubbles are the same size, the wall will be flat. If the bubbles are different sizes, the smaller bubble will bulge into the larger one.

For lots of bubbles to fit very closely together, they stack together as six-sided hexagons – another structure that requires the least energy possible. Hexagons easily stack together without any gaps in between.

When you have a print of four or more bubbles together, you can see how the bubbles press against each other to best fill the space. The angles between the bubbles are about 120°. That’s the same as the angle between two sides of a hexagon next to each other.

Week 7 – Tectonic Plates and Make an Earthquake Detector


Earthquake detector

Week 8 – Mentos Fountain (weather permitting) or Cartesian Divers