Science Games

This page is for all sorts of fun games and activities about science.

Professor Garfield Knowledge Box

If you love Garfield cartoons, you are going to love this site! This link takes you to Knowledge Box which has cool video and tests your science knowledge but if you check out the Professor Garfield home page there are heaps of fantastic games and interactives. In Art-Bot you get to learn how Jim Davis draws Garfield! How cool is that???

My favourite is the Reading Ring..its just like the wrestling on TV but all about Garfield comics.

Woodlands Science Zone

Woodlands Science Zone has heaps of activities exploring all areas of science. It is from the Woodlands Junior School in Kent in the UK and has both Science Games and activities to explore!

Games from the Science Museum London

Here you will find heaps of fantastic games from the Science Museum in London.

There are games for almost every branch of science.

Some of the game titles include: Energy Ninjas, ID – Fit, Launchball

and Strange but True (amongst others)

Check it out!

BBC Science Clips

The BBC Science Clips site was created by the BBC for schools and has great activities for 5-7 year olds.

Bite Size Revision

Bite Size Revision is another BBC schools site, created for 7-11 year olds. It is full of great science activities, designed to revise and refresh your knowledge of science and science concepts.

We Choose the Moon

We Choose the Moon is a fantastic interactive of the Apollo 11 Mission and the Moon Landing. It was created by the John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Fantastic!!!

Energy Hogs

Energy Hogs gets you to find those pesky energy hogs and get rid of them ASAP!

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