Calling all Citizen Scientists


If you have ever wanted to be a citizen scientist, check out WildLife Spotter!

Help save threatened species and preserve Australiaโ€™s iconic wildlife!

Become a citizen scientist and assist researchers by looking for animals in wilderness photos taken by automated cameras around Australia.

Anyone can join in and you can do it all online.

Bored? Check out these cool science games on ABC Splash!


Hey everyone.

Aren’t the holidays a drag? Nothing to do? (said no one ever!)

But, if you are looking to escape the heat or just want some quiet, indoor fun, check out these activities on ABC Splash.

Here is the link :

You will find an awesome range of science games but there is more! Altogether there is over 400 games covering a range of subject areas from Foundation to Year 10.

That should be enough to keep you going for a while ๐Ÿ™‚ Have fun!

New quiz questions from CSIRO Science by Email

Have a go at these…

Leave me a comment if you think you know the answers!

Quiz questions
1. How many eyes does a box jellyfish have?
2. How big is a newborn kangaroo?
3. The red food colouring colour (120) is made from a) raspberries, b) plant seeds, c) insects.
4. What do most ladybird beetle species eat?
5. Which vitamin found in leafy green vegetables can protect against Alzheimer’s disease?

Good Luck!

Are you interested in geology?

If you are interested in the Earth, rocks, minerals, fossils and the like have a look at Geology for Kids by

The URL is

You will find different chapters that talk about:

  1. Examining the Soil
  2. Earth, rocks and landforms
  3. The Earth inside out
  4. An introduction to erosion and
  5. Erosion by water processes

The info is easy to read and there are lots of pictures to help.

One of the awesome things about this website is there is a big yellow button on the left hand side you can push to hear songs about different aspects of geology.

Have a listen to “The Ballad of the Fossils” or “The Rock Family” pretty funny!!!

Do you like films and science? Then have a look at Planet SciCast.

What is Planet SciCast I hear you ask?

Well, according to the “About” page on their website:

Planet SciCast is four things:

  1. A competition to get children, young people, teachers, parents, science communicators and science/engineering/technology professionals all making short films about practical science.
  2. A web resource of all those movies (plus write-ups of the activities, experiments and demonstrations), for the use and amusement of everyone involved, but particularly for schools.
  3. A platform for other science engagement projects to share their work with a wider audience.
  4. Finally, a discussion about whoโ€™s job it is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers with entertaining science related material.

There are some wonderful films on the site about almost everything to do with science. Maybe you will be inspired to make a film to submit yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

You can access their website by clicking the link above or their URL is: (last accessed 6/7/09)

New Games!

I have added some fantastic new games to the “Interactive Science Games Page”

Check out the Apollo 11 Moon landing at We Choose the Moon or test your knowledge and skill against Garfield at Professor Garfield’s Knowledge Ring.

Make your own jigsaw puzzle at Jigsaw Planet.

Don’t forget, if you know of a game or interactive you think other kids would like and will not be blocked at school, click on the Leave a Comment button and let me know!

Have fun ๐Ÿ™‚