Why is the ocean salty?

Morro Bay’s Morro Rock Surf Beach, Morro Bay, CA. 15 Feb. 2009
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We’ve been learning about the environment this term at school. During one of our inquiry sessions, one of the students asked me why the sea was salty.

Well, here is why…

Know It Alls, a science magazine for kids says that most water in the ocean was washed down over the land. The land is covered in rocks and soil that are naturally high in salt so when the water washes over them, it picks up some of that salt too.
You can find this article at URL: http://www.knowmag.ca/knowitalls/index.php?id=38

UK family.co.uk has another similar answer from one of their science experts. He says that rivers erode minerals from rocks and soils and when water flows from the rivers into the ocean, the salt goes too.
Have a look here: URL http://ukfamily.co.uk/lifestyle/education/pre-school/but-why/why-sea-salty.html

So there you go. I hope that answers your question 🙂

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