Calling all Citizen Scientists


If you have ever wanted to be a citizen scientist, check out WildLife Spotter!

Help save threatened species and preserve Australia’s iconic wildlife!

Become a citizen scientist and assist researchers by looking for animals in wilderness photos taken by automated cameras around Australia.

Anyone can join in and you can do it all online.


Food Webs


Complete and Incomplete Metamorphosis


Classification of Living Things


Mosa Mack – Adaptations

Mosa Mack – Food Web

More Food Chains and Food Webs


Have a look at this link to invertebrates and their unusual behaviour

National Geographic – A million years of decorating yourself with junk





You Tube Science Channels for Kids


If you love watching science clips on You Tube as much as I do, check out this list of 8 fantastic You Tube channels, all about science from Erica at “What do we do all day“.

You will find a link here:

Please remember that you need to be careful when watching any video on-line and make sure you have an adults permission first.  An adult may want to watch first and make sure the videos and  the ads are OK for you to see.

If anything makes you uncomfortable, turn it off straight away.

Bill Nye the science guy is one of my favourites (he is so funny!) Enjoy!!!


The Slow Mo Guys – Make every moment epic

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Check out “The Slow Mo Guys” You Tube Channel.
You can find a link here

On this channel, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy take a $150,000 high speed camera to show you the world hundreds of times slower than you can see with your own eyes. It’s pretty cool.

Videos range from exploding cars to paint on a speaker or surface tension droplets. Check it out!

(Be warned, they are a little bit silly!)

Bored? Check out these cool science games on ABC Splash!


Hey everyone.

Aren’t the holidays a drag? Nothing to do? (said no one ever!)

But, if you are looking to escape the heat or just want some quiet, indoor fun, check out these activities on ABC Splash.

Here is the link :

You will find an awesome range of science games but there is more! Altogether there is over 400 games covering a range of subject areas from Foundation to Year 10.

That should be enough to keep you going for a while 🙂 Have fun!

Calling all Penguin Counters…

Antarctic Penguins

Would you like to be involved in research that will make a difference?

Check out penguin watch

Scientists need our help to count penguins, chicks, eggs and other animals so they can study these gorgeous creatures and learn more about their lives, patterns, breeding habits and the health of their ecosystems.

Have a look at this ABC News story…

Because there is so much data to analyse the scientists really need our help and it’s SUPER EASY!

Have a look at the Australian Government: Department of the Environment – Antarctic Division article here:


If you like this, you might like some of the other citizen science activities on Zooniverse which is a website dedicated to citizen scientists, participating in real science and making a difference.

Projects range from researching solar flare activity, examining craters on the moon, looking underwater at seaweed forests, characterising bat calls and listening to the songs of the whales to learn about how they communicate.

Remember! Always check with Mum, Dad or another responsible adult before signing up or logging on to any website.

Have fun!!!

How do you measure the speed of the wind? You make a wind anemometer.


How do you measure the speed of the wind?

Well you can do it using something called an anemometer.

With thanks to SCOPE on TEN, in this experiment, Junior Scientist Braeden shows us how we can make one at home and of course explains how it works!

Click here to find out how to do it at home.