What does the Earth look like?

Have a look at this amazing video that explores how we “see” Earth from a number of different perspectives.

This video contains science ideas that are a wee bit complex and probably suitable for years 5/6 and up.



The source of this video is the ABC Science discussion list: ABC Teaching Science Discussion List <abc-teaching-science@mail.abcnewsletters.net.au> or for more information email  science@your.abc.net.au

Curious about Curiosity?

If you are interested in curiosity’s historic  landing on Mars, have a look at AstroSarah’s Blog.


Dr Sarah explains what curiosity is and the job it will be doing on Mars.

Scroll to the bottom of the post for some terrific links to more information.


Have a look at this NASA clip that explains all about the Curiosity landing including the “Seven minutes of Terror!!!”



Would you like to help study the surface of the moon?

Moon Zoo

If you would like to help scientists study and classify the surface of the moon, have a look at Moon Zoo.
You’ll find it here or the web address is http://www.moonzoo.org/

All you have to do is watch a short video tutorial that will teach you what to do and then start identifying craters.  It’s that easy!  With SO much data to analyse the scientists could really use your help.

Check it out! 🙂


Space Shuttle Launch

The Atlantis Space Shuttle Mission successfully launched just over 4 days ago.

It is going to the International Space Station to deliver parts, bring crew member Nicole Stott to Earth and will include 3 spacewalks.

How cool is that?

For more information, some really amazing video footage (including the launch) a blog and profiles of the crew check out:  http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/main/index.html