How do you measure the speed of the wind? You make a wind anemometer.


How do you measure the speed of the wind?

Well you can do it using something called an anemometer.

With thanks to SCOPE on TEN, in this experiment, Junior Scientist Braeden shows us how we can make one at home and of course explains how it works!

Click here to find out how to do it at home.

What is fog?

Thanks to for the image :)

Thanks to for the image 🙂

As I was standing, watching the Under 12 Gold play football this morning, I couldn’t see the goal posts at the other end of the field because it was so foggy, it was then I started wondering to myself…What is fog and where does it come from?

So, I have done some research and here is what I have found.

Air is made up of gasses and contains a certain amount of invisible water vapour (water droplets so small that we can’t see them). Fog is created when the air becomes cool (like on a wintry morning) and cannot hold as much water vapour , the air it becomes supersaturated, that means the invisible water vapour turns into bigger water droplets, and then turns into fog.

For more information, have a look at the BBC Weather Centre on Fog, the URL is

or have a look at Weatherwize Kids the full URL is

They have some wonderful information on clouds too!

For some spectacular photos of fog from all over the world, go to