Did you guess the frog?

The picture of the frog in the last post was a Southern Brown Tree Frog.

Well done Zozo for figuring it out!
If you like frogs, have a look at the Frogs of Australia website

The web address is http://frogs.org.au/frogs/index.html

The Southern Brown Tree Frog has it’s own detailed information page http://frogs.org.au/frogs/species/Litoria/ewingi/

If you click on the link you can see info about the frog and hear its call! Pretty cool 🙂

Do you know what kind of frog this is?

If you are lucky, you might hear this frog when you start at school.

Do you know what type of frog it is?

If you think you do, leave me a message in the comments (below).

I’ll give you the answer and a link to a great site about frogs when school starts.

We are very lucky at Cornish College to have such a wonderful diverse environment with lots of wildlife.

I wonder how many breeds of frog we will find?